Corporate culture in 2014-Xiaoxing Enterprise
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     In 2014, according to the different stages of enterprise development, the company's culture in 2014 was formulated as: Xiaoxing Enterprise. In Implementation
In the process of implementation, the company began to train all employees to learn the "rules for brothers" and watched films such as "All Four Training".
The leadership and reserve forces participate in the "six refinement" training, etc., and adopt the company's incentive policies, such as: at the specified time
Can read and understand the "rules" middle management, reward Xiaomi mobile phone; Participating in the "Six Improvements"
After the training, the leader held a banquet to meet the wind. Through the study of "University" and other traditional cultures, to achieve the overall quality of all employees to improve, large
Family affection friendly atmosphere greatly increased, employees like a family working and living.