Sharing, co-creation, win-win and sharing, 2018 theme annual meeting
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On January 19, 2019, an annual meeting was held in the company. All employees participated in the meeting. The theme of the annual meeting was to share, create, win, and share, improve the heart, and expand business.

Now announce the results of the selection of outstanding team, outstanding leader and advanced individual in 2018 of Liaoning Xindali Steel Co., Ltd..
1. Excellent team production, quality inspection department
Excellent leaders Zhou Gang, Zhengshuguo
I now announce the company model soldier: Liushengde
Model workers: Gaoxuejun, Li Liushengde, Li Dan, Zhi Xiaochao, Liuyongbo.
List of outstanding employees of the department: One: Zhixiaochao, Gaoxuejun, Xu Yong, Liushengde, Daideyi; Two: Hanqifa, Wangpeng, Zhangbo, Weiqingjiao; Three: Dai Xuwen, Fuxuguang; Production Department: Electrician Li Yong; Quality Inspection Department: Li Dan; Ministry of Commerce: Liuyongbo; Management Department: Zhaowenxue; Finance Department: Xuyuanyuan; Ministry of Administration: Baishuyan
Craftsman: Maxiaoyu
Let's present the award: Please welcome the outstanding leader who has won the outstanding leader to receive the excellent team award in front of the stage. Everyone applauds and welcomes.
To the advanced leader with ribbon.
The chairman of the board of directors to outstanding leaders and outstanding team awards: outstanding leaders individual reward yuan yuan, outstanding team collectively reward yuan yuan
I want you to learn from them. Let's hear it.
Now for the company model award, please invite the king to come on stage to present the award, everyone applauded. Award of bonus yuan
Outstanding staff of the department. General Manager Wang, please.
To the stage to receive the award, everyone applauded. A ribbon for good employees.
And bonuses. Department outstanding employee bonus yuan yuan.
I hope you 'll learn from the advanced.

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