【xindali in action】 raise and donate love, and there is true love in the world
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·When one is in trouble, all help

        On August 4, 2021, Liaoning xindali Section Steel Co., Ltd. issued the "initiative of donating money on behalf of Germany for workers in cold drawing and heat treatment workshop", calling on everyone to lend a helping hand and make a modest contribution to provide care and help to colleagues in the form of donation. Master Dai Deyi is an employee of the cold drawing and heat treatment workshop of Liaoning xindali Section Steel Co., Ltd. and has been dedicated to xindali section steel for 18 years. On July 23, 2021, a car accident happened on the way to work, but due to incomplete vehicle procedures, any insurance cannot be reimbursed. The news came like a bolt from the blue to this poor family. By the time the donation initiative was issued, more than 100000 yuan had been spent on surgery and treatment. The heavy burden always oppresses poor families. 

· Work together in the same boat and gather sand into a tower

        Truth lights life, love lights hope. The employees of xindali section steel have extended a helping hand, generously donated their love.

         In just one morning, we collected more than 15000 yuan for charity. These donations carry the heavy love of all employees, with full blessings and hopes, and were sent to master Dai Deyi by the leaders and employee representatives to make a contribution to overcoming his pain. Accidents and injuries are heartless, but the feelings between xindali steel employees are sincere and sincere. This donation activity not only reflects the cohesion and sense of belonging of the team staff, but also the best embodiment of xindali section steel's unshirkable spirit in the face of staff difficulties. At the same time, it also shows the spirit of xindali section steel to move forward on the road of practicing enterprise values!

opinion about value

sincerity / Altruism / focus / preciseness / quality / innovation

Honest and trustworthy operation

Accumulate good deeds, think altruism

Focus on product innovation

Rigorous and serious work

Continuous quality innovation

Technology continuous innovation