Liaoning xindali section steel held the 10th amoeba business meeting
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        On November 5, the 10th amoeba business conference of Liaoning xindali Section Steel Co., Ltd. in 2021 was held in Shenyang zhenximore hotel.

        The first half of the meeting is divided into two parts. The first part is the regular meeting of this week. Each department reports the work content of last week and the work arrangement of next week. The second part is the tenth amoeba business meeting in 2021. At the meeting, the leaders of various departments of Liaoning xindali section steel mainly reported the relevant data, operation and existing problems, made the next work plan, defined the operation direction, and further promoted the effective operation of amoeba operation in our company.

        During this period, the production manager, workshop directors and equipment directors announced the production capacity and production data. The sales manager reported the sales situation and various sales expenses. The quality manager reported the product development and quality inspection. Chairman Qi Lin gave important instructions on the situation reported by various departments and the implementation and continuous promotion of amoeba landing.

        This meeting marks that our company has achieved preliminary results in all production chains and business links since the implementation of amoeba business model. In order to further consolidate the implementation of amoeba achievements, and to effectively cultivate the management awareness, market awareness, quality awareness and digital awareness of managers at all levels, amoeba business model can better serve the business operation of the enterprise, Ensure that the company can quickly achieve the planned growth target, improve the accounting awareness of all employees and achieve the three major objectives of amoeba operation as soon as possible.

        In the air bus stage, the leaders of various departments expressed different feelings according to the theme of the establishment, and jointly described the future personal planning and the development of the company. In the process of drinking, we talked sincerely, transposed and thought, and built a stable trust relationship.