Strange to see the cold pull steel look strange suitable for good
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Cold pull steel according to its appearance we can think of them as cold pull round steel, Lenglafang steel, cold pull hexagonal steel, cold pull flat steel and cold pull steel and so on. That is, to see what shape you need to turn steel into will be more suitable for your use and requirements, each manufacturer or merchant requires different specifications, so his advantage is very good!
Cold pull round steel is a kind of cold pull steel. In the type steel industry, it is also called Lenglayuan, cold pull garden steel or Lenglaguangyuan. The general customer requirement is between φ 3 and φ 80. Cold pull round steel is widely used in mechanical manufacturing, light work, Hardware, standard parts, bicycles, automobiles, motorcycles, textile machinery, Transformers and other machinery industries.
Lenglafanggang refers to those types of steel with Square sections. His specifications are generally expressed in the number of side lengths. The general specification requirements are 3x3 to 60x60mm. Lenglafang has just been used in various mechanical parts, agricultural machinery accessories, tools, light industry, Hardware, standard parts, bicycles, automobiles, motorcycles, textile machinery, Transformers and other machinery industries, and can also see the requirements of customers to make precision molds!
Cold pull hexagonal steel, Wang Wensheng can know that he is a hexagonal steel, he is a high-precision applied steel, specifications are the same, W = 0.0068s2 a very abrupt specifications, He is mainly used to make standard parts such as nuts. Is it a high requirement for precision and precision? It is suitable for instrumentation, chemical engineering, shipbuilding and mechanical processing industries, industrial buildings and metal structures such as factory buildings, bridges, ships, agricultural machinery and vehicles. Manufacturing, transmission tower, Transportation machinery, etc..
Cold flat steel is the same type of steel as thin sheets. The specifications are 2x10 to 20x80. It is widely used in engineering machinery, bridges, housing frames, fences, transmission ships, auto parts, spinning machines, agricultural machinery, elevators, fitness, machine tools, ladders, Bridges, fences, etc..
Cold pull type steel is some strange shape of steel, such as ladders, teeth, triangular, octagonal and other types of steel, as long as the desired shape, can help you pull him out!
What kind of enterprise you are, if it is a mechanical enterprise, it is our big customer for us. We can help you to make a variety of different types of steel. Of course, if you only need small screws, that is no problem!