Hegang Shigang carries out the "Environmental Protection and Strengthening Week" activity
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In order to fully implement the new environmental protection law and effectively achieve "non-environmental protection and non-production", Hebei Iron and Steel Group Shigang Co., Ltd. launched the "Environmental Conservation Week" from March 20 to 31.
The company requires all secondary units to attach great importance to the "environmental protection and strengthening week" activities. First, strengthen publicity and raise environmental awareness. It is necessary to use the early adjustment meeting, class affairs meeting, etc. to combine the recent environmental protection accident case, re-publicize and re-learn the new environmental protection law, firmly establish the awareness of "environmental protection red line" and "environmental protection is the life of the company", and achieve "not environmental protection". Production. " Second, we will strengthen the implementation of responsibilities, strict inspection and serious assessment, and transfer pressure to factories, sections and posts. The head of environmental protection of each unit shall organize at least two comprehensive self-inspections of their respective areas, and formulate measures for self-detected problems, clearly identify the responsible person and rectify the time; The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Construction shall organize units to carry out no less than two major environmental protection inspections; Xinyue company should organize branch factory, work section, post, study the company's newly issued "Strengthening Xinyue company environmental protection assessment management measures" to ensure that all environmental protection work meets the National Environmental Protection requirements. Third, we should promote the initiative of leaders and all employees at all levels. Each unit should carry out leadership sub-package, inspect environmental protection facilities at least once a week, master the problems and defects in the operation of environmental protection facilities, and communicate with the on-site staff to learn and discuss improvement measures to enhance the initiative and enthusiasm of employees to participate in environmental protection.
During the "environmental protection and strengthening week" activities, once environmental protection problems are found, the company will double the assessment in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Environmental Management Assessment Measures."