Introduction of cold drawing special shaped steel
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Cold drawn profiled steel, also known as cold drawn profiled steel, is a variety of cross-section shapes and sizes of steel produced by cold drawing. Cold drawn profiled steel production has the characteristics of deformation resistance, spread, sensitivity to stress, thermal conductivity, oxidation resistance and bonding tendency. Due to its high deformation resistance, high work hardening tendency and slow recrystallization rate in high temperature environment, special attention should be paid to equipment and motor capacity when cold drawing such steels.

The low temperature thermal conductivity of cold drawn special-shaped steel is relatively poor, but the coefficient of linear expansion is larger than that of carbon steel. Therefore, in order to ensure the heating quality, low temperature and slow heating should be adopted. Due to the oxidation resistance of cold drawn special-shaped steel, the scale formed by heating is less. However, the scale contains chromium and nickel oxides and is very compact, so it is difficult to pickling during cold working.

In addition, the design of the die is very important to the quality of cold drawn profiled steel products. The design of the die determines the overall shape and tolerance of the finished products.

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